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The sinus Tooth Connection

How are your teeth connected to Sinuses?

Turns out this is a two way street. The biggest sinus in your head is the Maxillary Sinus which is shaped like a pyramid right under your eyes and next to nose. You have two of these sinuses, one on each side. Now these sinuses are very close to your upper teeth. There is a thin shell of bone that separates the roots of your upper teeth from the Sinus.

We all have heard of Sinusitis a pretty common condition where your Sinus get inflamed. This condition usually has to do with Seasonal Allergies or in other times an actual infection needing a course of antibiotics. Now what you may not be aware is that since your Sinuses are very close to the roots of your Upper Molars, when your Sinus goes through a bout of inflammation, it can cause your teeth to hurt! This is a more likely scenario when both right and left upper teeth on the back of your mouth are tender and you have runny nose or other cold or flu like symptoms.

On the other hand, if you have an upper tooth with long standing infection such as an Dental Abscess, this can in turn cause an inflammation of your Sinus. Like I said earlier, the roots of your upper molars are separated by bone that is only as thick as an egg shell and in some cases they are almost connected. So if you had a long standing infection on your upper molars, the infection can cause your Sinus to get inflamed.

It is estimated that 10-12% of Sinusitis have their origin in teeth! Now since Sinusitis is a pretty common condition that is a lot of patients who are going through sinus trouble as a result of their teeth!

Diagnosis usually requires a thorough Dental Check Up usually involving X Rays of the affected areas. Most teeth related causes are pretty straightforward to fix. Come in or set up free consultation by calling 540 370 8504 or email us at

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