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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are embarrassed by your smile or would like to enhance your smile, we can help you choose a wide range of options such as Veneers, Whitening or even a complete smile makeover to achieve the image that you dreamed of.

Now mind you not all patients need all these services. For some just whitening their teeth may be the best options while on the other hand some patients might need every single tooth in their mouth have some changes to improve their smile. Whatever your particular requirements are, just come in for a consultation so we can what best fits your needs and help you get there!


Cosmetic Dentures

Missing teeth can affect the way you eat, speak and can make you uncomfortable about your appearance. At Pearl Family Dental we want you to have the most realistic and comfortable pair of dentures you can have. Our goal is to make sure nobody knows that you are wearing a Denture. To that end, we make sure we use the best quality and stain resistant materials to last you a long time. We also make sure we involve you during the entire process so you know how your teeth are going to look once we make them. If your existing dentures do not fit properly or does not look good or both or if you just in need of a new set of dentures, we are your best resource. We can make very realistic looking Cosmetic Dentures that can bring the pop back into your smile. These

are made with special life like teeth that do not stain as regular denture teeth and looks very natural. For Cosmetic Dentures consultation in Fredericksburg, Stafford area call our office at 540 370 8504 to schedule.


Same Day Dentures:

These are also called Immediate Dentures and are placed the same day as when your teeth are removed. These are a great short term option for you to not be embarrassed about your smile or function when your longer term Dentures are being fabricated. If you need a Fredericksburg, Stafford Dentist about Same Day Dentures call our office for a complimentary evaluation.


Implant Supported Dentures

This is a great service for our patients missing a lot of teeth. While there are better and more expensive ways to restore your mouth than a Denture, anchoring your Dentures with Implants can be a very happy compromise that does not break the bank. For a little extra cost you can have two or more implants placed that will significantly improve your chewing and give you the confidence you may lack with your current Dentures. Call our office to schedule a complimentary evaluation for tighter dentures in Fredericksburg, Stafford area.

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