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Dental Crown

Crowns are a way to restore your teeth reliably on a long term basis. Usually these are recommended when you have an existing filling on your back or front tooth that is already too big and has a problem associated with it. Crowns in our office are done in two visits. The first visit is where you will mostly be numbed up and the tooth shaped to receive a crown type restoration. This shaped tooth will then be impressed or “measured” to get a crown made specifically for your tooth.

The process to make a crown from this measurement may take up to 3 weeks and in the interim we will fit your tooth with a temporary plastic crown. This down time will help you evaluate your new restoration and also help us evaluate the underlying tooth during the temporary phase to see if any additional work might be required prior to gluing your permanent crown in a few weeks. 


Will I need a Root Canal with a Crown?

Not really. Most healthy teeth that have a large failing restoration will not need Root Canals treatment along with the Crown procedure. However, there is a slightly higher percentage of these teeth needing Root Canals either during or after the procedure. 


Are there many types of Crowns? Which one should I choose?

There are multiple ways in making Crowns or Onlays (these are related to Crowns, almost similar but more conservative).

Dr. Saravana and his staff will explain all the major differences and will help you select a esthetic long lasting crown for your particular tooth. If you need Porcelain crowns, Gold Crowns, Metal Free Crowns in the Fredericksburg, Stafford areas call our office at 540 370 8504.


How to take care of my temporary crown?

We must stress that you should not chew anything too hard (ice/ hard candy/ carrots/ nuts etc.) on these plastic teeth. Also please avoid any sticky food on the side of your mouth that has the temporary crown. Should your Crown were to come off or break, no worries! Just come in ASAP and let us help you with making a new temporary crown.


Do I need to Brush or Floss them?

These temporary crowns and the permanent Crowns once they are glued in your mouth will need regular tending to just like your other teeth. This means brushing twice a day. I would prefer you not floss these crowns as there is a likelihood you might pull it off. However, if you need to floss, then pull the floss from the side like the assistant showed at the end of the appointment. Also, we strongly recommend you rinse your mouth with warm salt water multiple times a day during the time that you are wearing your temporary crown.

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