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Oral Health for Diabetics

We have around 30 million diabetic patients in this country according to the Centers for Disease Control. We all know that Diabetes is a condition that effects every part of our body. People who have diabetes are at greater risk to earlier death and are likely to have twice as much health care costs as non diabetics. So just like your eyes, heart and your nervous system, Diabetes also

effects your Oral Health. Diabetics are more susceptible to mouth infections caused by certain fungi such as Oral Thrush or needing help staving off infections after Dental Treatment. They also unfortunately suffer from dry mouth which adds another layer of problems in these patients.

What is really surprising is that 1 out of 4 people do not know that they are diabetic! The disease flies under the radar for a long time. Your Oral Health care professional has a unique ability to help you deal with this disease. Multiple research studies show that when people have 4 or more missing teeth and have moderate gum disease with loss of supporting structures around teeth, there is a good chance they have Diabetes. Your dentist can ask you see your physician to see if you are Diabetic.


So what should Diabetics do?

Diabetics should recognize that their mouths are parts of their bodies. Diabetics are at a higher risk to develop gum disease. Bleeding gums, swollen gums or tender gums are usually signs of Gum Disease. Check for bleeding gums. It is not normal for gums to bleed and even if there is no pain you should get your Dentist to check your gums. Other symptoms of diabetes related teeth problems could be changing in your bite or gaps in between your teeth that have started to get bigger. These are signs of shifting teeth due to loss of supporting bone around them. Long standing gum infection or infected teeth, will result in having a harder time controlling their sugar levels. It works like a two way street. Your sugar levels will affect your oral health and your oral health will affect your sugar levels.

Diabetics are also susceptible to a dry mouth which makes them more likely to get Cavities. Proper home care to control plaque is very important.

See us on a regular basis so we can keep track of your Oral Health. We might prescribe more frequent cleanings to stave off periodontal or gum infection problems. Diabetes is a lifestyle kind disease. We need to eat better, exercise and generally take care of ourselves better to enjoy a long and productive lives.

If your are looking for a dentist near you/ in Fredericksburg area or you need to get a free consult or have any questions about Dry Mouth call our office at 540 370 8504 or email us at

Thank You,

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