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“Sorry Doc... Crowns are Expensive."

I hear this comment sometimes, when we tell a patient that the correct way to restore a tooth to its full function is a Dental Crown or a "Cap". I can empathize with a patient when they feel this way, but I feel they are missing something important when they say this.

Think about this, how much it would cost to make something that is custom made in today's world. We hardly have anything custom made these days. This product has to be made to fit your tooth and your tooth only. It cannot be brought just off the shelf like we buy our clothes in S, M, L or XL sizes. The procedure will involve a surgical process of cutting the tooth to shape, inside your head while you are awake! And then this Dental Crown or "Cap" has to be made to exacting specifications, if it's off even by a thickness of a hair, it will not fit properly. This crown then has to function inside your mouth for many years (8 years or more on an average), dealing with extremes of temperature and enormous biting pressures of 250 pounds or more!

The last I checked a custom tailored suit for men cost around a $1000-$6500 depending on the quality of the cloth involved. So I think when you factor all that goes into making your Dental Crown or "Cap", and you realize the value of it, it does not look so bad. I would argue it is actually an incredible deal. If you can reinforce your tooth, prolong its life for 8 years or so and not worry about it breaking off on you, causing pain or discomfort, I think it is a great investment in your health and well being.

Most Dental Insurances will pay almost half of the cost of your Dental Crown or "Cap" making it more affordable for most patients.

Come talk to us at Pearl Family Dental if you need to talk about reinforcing your tooth or teeth with a Dental Crown or "Cap".

If your are looking for a dentist near you/ in Fredericksburg area or you need to get a free consult or have any questions about Dry Mouth call our office at 540 370 8504 or email us at

Health fully,

Dr. Saravana

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