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All patients are screened over the phone for covid related symptoms such as fever, breathing problems, flu like symptoms, coughing etc. and for pre existing conditions. Patients who are at high risk to develop Covid related complications can request private appointments.

Before you check in....

Staggered Visit Times

We take great care in booking appointments for our patients. Older patients or patients with pre existing problems will be seen at "quiet" times. Most patients will not have to wait in the patient lounge and will be escorted into the safety of their private operatory as soon as they check in.

Please, NO Guests

We also request you to not bring anyone with you if possible. We might require you or your associate to wait in the car should we have a bunch of people in the office at one time.

Covid Safe Visit

What to expect when you are here....

In office procedures

It is required in the commonwealth of VA to have face coverings while indoors. You will be asked to wear a mask while indoors until you are seated in your private operatory. After assessing your temperature and a brief health questionnaire, you will be asked to use a pre procedural alcohol rinse for 30 seconds.

Safe and Friendly Clinical experience as always with...

Additional Covid Precautions:

Dentistry has been at the forefront of prevention of disease transmission and we have no known outbreaks of Covid transmission at a Dental Office. We think its primarily because of the precautions we already observe. During the pandemic we have added additional procedures to minimize risk even further.

We will be wearing full protective gear that is required by hospitals during intubation procedures. While we can't shake your hand or give you a hug rest assured we are still the same friendly team underneath the N 95 mask and full PPE.

As always all instruments used are clean and sterile. During your appointment, there will be a dedicated dental nurse to use a high vacuum suction to reduce the transmission of aerosols. HEPA filters are installed in every room as additional precaution to reduce aerosols in the office.

After appointments the entire room is disinfected by spraying the rooms with Hypochlorous acid which is a food grade disinfectant known to kill Corona viruses on contact.

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