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How much does it cost to fix my tooth?

Every day, at least a few times each day, we get patients call us up and ask this very question.
Frankly, we are not too crazy about this particular question because we cannot really answer that question in an accurate fashion.

October 29, 2018

     This is not a very particularly attractive topic but we feel it’s a very important one because, more than 36 million Americans do not have any teeth, and it is predicted that these numbers are expected to grow, and in fifteen years at least 200 million individuals...

Why is it important to share your health history with your Dentist?


          It is so easy to forget to disclose information about your health and medications to your Dentist. After all, its only going to the 'Dentist' and most people are o...

“Sorry Doc... Crowns are Expensive."

I hear this comment sometimes, when we tell a patient that the correct way to restore a tooth to its full function is a Dental Crown or a "Cap". I can empathize with a patient when they feel this way, but I feel they are missing some...

 Let's face it, most patients are not thrilled about going to the Dentist. It is natural for most people to feel anxious about going to the Dentist or going to the physician for a routine physical for that matter. But if your fear is preventing you from getting the car...

September 17, 2015

 One common question we get asked all the time is what toothpaste to use?
           Now, humans have been using all kinds of things for a long time to clean our teeth. Ancient Indians were using Neem tree barks to clean their teeth. Ashes made of Ox hooves, Burnt Eggs...

Thumb Sucking is a very common concern for most Parents. It is important to understand that the need to suck is a very important survival trait that helps infants survive in the first few months of their lives.

This need to suck results in infants engaging in sucking ev...

Canker sores (also called as Apthous Ulcers) are pretty common and it is estimated that 25% of the population has had one or two sores at some point in their lives. Thankfully, this pesky problem is a short lived one and mostly self-limiting. 

There are three types of C...

A lot of times we are asked on what to say or not say before a childs first visit at our Dental office. We have a few suggestions on how you should handle this important discussion.
At Pearl Family Dental we recognize that every child is different. Thankfully, most chi...

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